Solaris Synergy is a developer of a breakthrough, patent-protected solar-on-water power generation system. The Company maintains a core multi-disciplinary team of managerial and engineering professionals with vast expertise in physics, heat transfer, mechanics, optics and electricity. Founded in 2008, Solaris Synergy was awarded an R&D grant from Israel's National Infrastructures Ministry, and is backed by US private equity funds.


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Yossi Fisher, Co-Founder and CEO

Yossi brings to Solaris Synergy over 25 years of experience managing technology companies, particularly in the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining Solaris, Yossi founded InSyst, a developer of advanced process control software solutions primarily for the semiconductor industry, where he also served as COO. Before that, Yossi founded Eventus Industries, a developer of data analytic and process control software solutions for diverse industries, where he also served as general manager. Prior to that, he served as Process Engineering Manager at South Africa Micro Electronics Systems in Pretoria, South Africa, and Senior Process Engineer at Intel in Jerusalem and Santa Clara, CA. Yossi is a co-inventor of 10 patents in the area of process control. He holds an MSc in Applied Physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a BSc in Electro-optics from the Jerusalem College of Technology.

Dr. Yuri Kokotov, Co-Founder and CTO

Yuri brings to Solaris Synergy over 30 years of experience in applied physics, process engineering, heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, and process and system optimization. Prior to joining Solaris, Yuri was Manager of R&D at Visimix, where he headed development of VisiMix software, an advanced mixing simulation package that has been successfully adopted by over 200 companies worldwide. Yuri holds a PhD in Process Engineering/Mathematical Modeling from the St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University) and an MS in Applied Physics/Automatic Control from the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

Dr. Michael Reyz, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Michael brings to Solaris Synergy over 30 years of experience in chemical engineering and physical chemistry. Prior to joining Solaris, Michael, who is based in the US, founded and headed a technical consulting business, before which he was a member of the faculty at George Washington University. Michael holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology and an MS in Applied Physics from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

Shlomo Caine, V.P Business Development

With a bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics, and an M.Sc in Materials science, Shlomo has over 30 years of experience filling a variety of engineering and manufacturing positions in the High-tech industry. In addition, Shlomo lead the Intel Capital activities in Israel, Western and Central/Eastern Europe and Russia, with investments across Europe and Israel. Shlomo retired from Intel in March 2007 and joined “Karta Partners” - a Corporate Business Development house, as a venture partner, an in 2011 joined the Solaris Synergy team.

Prof. Shmuel Rivkin, Mathematical Modeling

Shmuel brings to Solaris Synergy over 30 years of experience in applied mechanics. Shmuel serves as Associate Professor in Applied Mechanics at Tel Aviv University, and heads the institution's School of Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program. He has published more than 40 scientific papers in leading international journals, for many of which he also serves as a reviewer, covering a range of topics including fracture mechanics, mechanics of composite materials, and elastic systems with periodic structure. Shmuel holds a PhD from the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

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Given that its solar-on-water plant operates equally well on any water surface, Solaris Synergy is targeting the owners and operators of diverse public water resources including sewage water reclamation reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, hydrodams, and industrial ponds. With several pilot projects already approved, Solaris Synergy aims to team up with water corporations, municipalities and local/regional councils worldwide to usher in a new era of solar energy generation on water.

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