Solaris Synergy's flagship product is a floating photovoltaic (FPV) system. A viable renewable energy alternative to land-based solar energy systems, the system features a modular design that supports power output ranging from several kilowatts to dozens of megawatts. Thanks to this innovative design, the solution dramatically lowers the cost of energy production to a level below national feed-in tariffs (FITs). Available for commercial implementation, the platform is a self-contained system that operates on any fresh, salt or waste water surface. The FPV plant is also a low-profile system that minimizes the visual impact on the surrounding environment.

While serving as a solar-on-water platform, the Solaris Synergy system also doubles as a water reservoir cover at no extra cost. Lowering exposure to the sun while enabling covered water to breathe, the versatile solution improves the cost-effectiveness of water production by:

  • Significantly reducing water evaporation
  • Eliminating organic and algae growth
  • Preserving water freshness and quality

Creating new synergies between two of our most valuable resources – water and sun – Solaris Synergy offers a viable renewable energy option and compelling value proposition for water resource owners and operators worldwide.



50kW installation on the Mekorot Eshkol reservoir
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