Most current Photo Voltaic solar systems are typically designed for land-based applications and require large tracts of land which could otherwise be used for agriculture, housing or industrial construction. There are a few water surface based systems which have been developed, however these are still costly when compared to standard land-based systems.

The breakthrough Solaris Synergy system has a unique design concept, based on individually floating modules contained within a light-weight tension based,floating grid. This design offers several advantages over competitive solutions:

  • The use of a unique design, many standard off-the-shelf elements forconstruction and inexpensive materials leads to lower Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Use of standard PV modules ensuring low cost and high reliability over a time.
  • A unique, patented design provides self-regulation of panel angle under varying wind loads, allowing the installation of the system in regions of very high wind speed, even up to hurricane levels!
  • The system is agnostic as to water depth and unaffected by changes in water level.
  • The structure has a very low physical profile providing a minimal visual impact – a key environmental consideration.
  • The construction materials are all environmentally friendly and safe for use in the water and there is no leaching of any chemicals into the water.
  • Modularity of construction makes the system easily scalable and cost effective over a large range of installations providing flexibility and speed of deployment.
  • The open structure of the system ensures adequate aeration of the water as well as natural light penetration and presents no hazard to underwater life.



Placing Individual Floating PV modules on water

Floating PV Array and Floating Service Bridge
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